Jaguar XF De-Chrome Trim In Carbon Wrap

Jaguar XF De-Chrome Trim – Black Carbon Vinyl Wrap

This is a Jaguar XF which the owner wanted to look a little more sporty.

So to get the look he was after, the wheels were painted gloss black, and it was de-chromed with our black carbon fibre vinyl wrap.

This took the look of his Jag, bang up-to-date, and made it really stand out.


Here’s the parts of the Jaguar XF de-chrome process that were wrapped:

De-chrome Grille Surround

Jaguar XF De-Chrome Grille In Carbon

Jaguar XF – Dechrome Grille Surround:

The grille was removed from the front of the Jaguar XF, so that the chrome surround could be wrapped over the edges in our black carbon vinyl wrap.

After wrapping, the parts were re-assembled and refitted onto the Jag.

(Click the photo to see a larger image)



Jaguar XF Bumper Trims Dechromed

Bumper Trims dechromed in carbon vinyl

Jaguar XF – Carbon Bumper Trims:

Again, the bumper was taken off the Jag XF to de-chrome the trims.

This ensures the chrome parts can be wrapped over the edges in black carbon vinyl wrap before being fitted back into the bumper.

Once re-assembled, the bumper is fitted back onto the Jaguar XF.

(Click the photo to see a larger image)



Jag Boot Trim De-chrome

Boot Trim Dechromed in Carbon Vinyl

Jaguar XF – Boot Trim Dechromed:

To ensure the chrome trim could be wrapped over the edges, again the boot lid chrome embellisher was removed.

Once de-chromed with black carbon vinyl wrap, the boot trim was refitted.

(Click the photo to see a larger image)


This model of Jaguar XF came from the factory with black window surrounds, so there was no requirement to wrap these, but on other variants of the XF Jag, owners also ask us to wrap the chrome window surrounds too.



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