Wrap FAQs

Our Most Common Wrap FAQ’s;

How Long Does It Take To Wrap My Car

This really does depend on what you are having vinyl wrapped, and can vary from just a few hours for some small parts, to around 1 week for a full colour change wrap on a large vehicle. Call us on 01743 466100 and we will run through the vehicle wrapping process with you & let you know the timescales involved

How Long Does Vehicle Wrapping Vinyl Last

We only use high quality vinyl car wraps, and they are fitted by our trained & experienced installation team, meaning that your vinyl car wrap should easily last between 3 and 5 years if properly cared for.

Will A Vinyl Car Wrap Cover Damaged Bodywork

Under most circumstances, dents, scratches, rust and minor bodywork damage cannot be ‘covered over’ with car wrapping vinyl as it will show through. There are some textured vinyl wraps which may cover some stone chips and light scratches. You are welcome to call us to discuss any damage to your vehicle bodywork, and whether it should be repaired before fitting a vehicle wrap.

Can A Car Wrap Vinyl Be Removed Or Replaced

Yes. Providing that the paintwork on the panels is original factory paintwork, then car wraps can be removed without damage to the paintwork if done so within 5 years of installation. If the bodywork has been refinished, as we are unable to guarantee the quality of the repair, when the vinyl wrap is removed, it may cause poorly bonded paintwork to be peeled off with the adhesive from the wrapping vinyl.

How Do I Care For & Clean My Vehicle Wrap

You should clean your vinyl wrap material regularly to maintain it’s colour and finish. As with a vehicles paintwork, it is always better to wash it by hand, but as long as the vehicle is not washed before 3-5 days (depending on temperature) after the wrap is fitted, you can follow the same advice as the vehicle manufacturers instructions on cleaning the paintwork. Gloss wraps can also be waxed, but matt, textured or non gloss speciality films MUST NOT be waxed.

Here’s a link to 3m’s aftercare instructions http://multimedia.3m.com/mws/mediawebserver?KKKKKMmrCWykDPl4GPluDPeW8nmi8Wmr_nLK8nLK8KKKKKK–
and you can watch their video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAp-wUGehQU

Where Do You Carry Out Your Car Body Wraps

Because the environment in which you install the vinyl wrap has a direct result on the finish you get, we have a designated area in our Car Care Centre in Shrewsbury where we carry out all of the wrap installations. As we are applying an wrap vinyl with an adhesive side onto the vehicle, we need to ensure as clean an environment as possible, so our Car Care Centre gives us the best control of this, which we would not have at a customers premises.

Do You Offer The Cheapest Car Wrap Cost

No. There will always be someone who will do it cheaper, as there are cheaper (and lower) quality vehicle wrapping vinyls for sale than those that we use, and there are less experienced and less trained fitters who will attempt an installation. Because we use quality materials and have highly skilled and experienced fitters, you wouldn’t expect us to be the cheapest….would you? We always aim to give great value for money, but we also need to make enough money to be around for years to come for you and our other happy customers.

Should I Tell The DVLA Or My Insurance Company About My Vinyl Car Wrap

We have no responsibility to inform either your insurance company or the DVLA. We will advise you, but this is your call. You should read your insurance policy, and if it states that any modification should be notified to them, then you should take the appropriate action, otherwise at best if you made a claim, they may not pay for a re-wrap, and at worst, you may not be insured at all.

There has been a recent change made by the DVLA, and now the vehicle registration document must be amended if the colour has been changed. Previously because a vinyl wrap was not considered a permanent change, it did not need to be registered. However, DVLA recently issued the following statement;-

The register maintained by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) essentially exists to assist in revenue collection, road safety and law enforcement. The Police and other enforcement agencies rely on the DVLA record for all vehicles-related investigations. It is therefore paramount that the information stored on the vehicle register is accurate and up to date. DVLA records details given by vehicle manufacturers at first registration. Any changes to the vehicles details must be notified to DVLA by law. By covering the entire vehicle in a coloured adhesive/vinyl wrap, it is DVLA’s view that the colour change should be recorded. To notify a change of colour you should complete section 7 of the registration certificate V5C and return it to DVLA Swansea SA99 1BA. You should receive a replacement certificate within two to four weeks.

We would advise that any owner of a vehicle that has had a full colour change wrap or plastidip should now inform the DVLA immediately by completing and sending the necessary paperwork as specified.

Are You Insured To Wrap My Car

Yes. We have full public liability insurance, as well as a motor traders policy which covers us to drive any vehicle with fully comprehensive cover. Our fitters are mature and responsible technicians who respect other car owners pride and joy. We have regularly worked on Bentley’s, Porsches, Ferraris, Astons and other prestige and exotic marques, so rest assured that your vehicle is in safe hands.

Will My Vehicle Be Secure When You Do The Car Wraps

All work is carried out in our Car Care Centre, and any vehicle which stays with us overnight is securely locked inside the premises, and keys are not left with any vehicle, but are secured elsewhere. We are also fully insured against fire, theft and accidental damage, as well as road risks under our combined motor trade policy.